Lighting that Transforms Any Space

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Lighting that Transforms Any Space

Light has the power to transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary space. Conversely, the wrong lighting can have devastating effects on the aesthetic and feel of a home. After all, what’s the use of having a striking entryway or a stately great room if no one can see the loving care you or your homebuilder took in creating those spaces? 

Lighting is vital to the look and feel of your home and is a major contributing factor to the success or failure of any interior (or exterior!) design scheme. It can help turn your house into a home and has the potential to help your personality “shine” through your design choices. But as with any other design feature, different situations call for different lighting solutions. Let’s look at a few of the most prominent options. 

LED Backlighting Effects

What are LEDs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. These lighting products create light as much as 90% more efficiently than traditional incandescent light bulbs, with a substantially lower amount of heat- perfect for accentuating features in your home at a low initial and long-term cost and in places a hot incandescent bulb would not normally be placed. Additionally, their manufacturing process allows them to be smaller, which adds even more versatility. 

What is Backlighting?

The term “backlighting” is pretty self-explanatory. It is lighting that illuminates things from behind. Lighting an item from behind, whether it is a piece of artwork, a mirror, or television can create a glowing effect, which can add to the drama of a room and provide a cool, modern feel. The right backlighting techniques can also help create mood lighting in a room without the significant cost such a setup usually entails. 

There are numerous ways to use LED, and other types of lighting to create backlighting effects to improve the look of your home, including:

Backlit Stone Slabs

While stone can have a striking look on its own, tastefully placed backlights can turn stone from striking to stunning. An added light source behind the stone can help to radically transform its look and will add a wow factor to any home- it doesn’t matter if it’s granite, dolomite, marble, engineered stone, or quartzite slab- it’ll make a solid impression. 

Unique Fixtures

Nothing illuminates a space quite like an awe-inspiring light fixture. There’s a reason many luxury homes have one (or several) chandeliers. Rather than simply lighting a room, unique lighting fixtures are art pieces unto themselves and add a level of gravitas to a room while performing a necessary function. 

Lighting Feature Walls

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply illuminate a single fixture in your home- you’ve got to take it to the next level and light up an entire wall. Lighting feature walls can be used in several ways, including acting as an accouterment to fixtures or decorative pieces, or as a decorative feature unto itself.

Backlit Water Features

Water features, such as fountains, reflecting pools, ponds, and even bubble walls are often the centerpiece of an area of your home- think a pool with a swim-up bar in your backyard or a fountain with decorative jets in your inner courtyard. However, you don’t want to spend all of that effort creating a beautiful water feature to have it sit unseen in the dark, or passed by guests while inside your home. Artfully placed lights can help your guests appreciate your hard work and shine a well-deserved spotlight on your luxury home’s water features.

Under Cabinet Rope Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting can serve a variety of purposes- both practical and decorative. It can be used to provide helpful task lighting during everyday activities like cleaning and cooking. Or you could use under cabinet lighting strips to provide a soft accent to your kitchen cabinets. Any way you cut it, there are numerous ways to install under-cabinet lighting, all of which can be customized to your unique needs and wants.

Smart Bulbs

Have you ever jumped on a plane to a well-deserved vacation destination and thought- did I turn the lights off? Well worry no more, smart bulbs are here. A “smart bulb” is an internet-connected LED light bulb that allows users to customize, schedule, and control their lighting remotely. They are a prominent facet of the IoT or “Internet of Things” and represent many homeowners’ first foray into home automation. 

Color Changing Mood Lighting

Lighting is a huge part of setting the mood in a given space- think a bright and sunny day at the park, a strobe filled dance hall or a warm firelit night at home. But to set the right mood lighting, you don’t have to go to extremes, like building and stoking a fire or pulling out the old disco ball. 

Thoughtfully designed color-changing mood lighting can help you create the same mood with the simple flip of a switch- from a red-hued LED strip in your man-cave to a soothing blue light in your master bedroom’s hot tub. You can also find mood-lit individual fixtures, such as lamps that change when touched, or light features that change hue when people walk into the room- the possibilities are endless. 

Undermount Stair Lighting

One of the most exciting developments in the home LED and lighting space has been the growing popularity of undermount stair lighting. Similar to under-cabinet lighting, undermount stair lighting holds both aesthetic and functional value. They are practical because they help you, your family, and your guests safely navigate the stairs when it is dark out, with many undermount stair lighting systems having a sleep or dark mode which dims their otherwise bright shining selves. This allows you to navigate your stairs without the aid of a night light or a hastily opened iPhone or Android flashlight app. 

In addition, undermount stair lighting is also an excellent way to beautify your stairwells and whatever rooms they lead to. You can even mix and match with other home fixtures or lighting technologies, like mood lighting or LED strips, to create a unique effect that helps you show off an oft-forgotten, yet essential piece of your luxury home.

Exterior Lighting

And finally, we can’t forget the great outdoors! LED lighting has a tremendous role to play when spotlighting the areas around your home, whether you’re showing off your pool at night, lighting a fire-warmed gazebo for family game night, or just showing folks the right path to walk down when coming and going at night.

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Call us today to schedule your free feasibility estimate! Know your total project cost before you commit to any decisions. We pride ourselves on a customer-oriented experience, always putting your needs first. You can reach the Thomas Sattler Homes Sales Team at <a href=”tel:7204493562″>Call (720)449-3562</a> or online at